BMS Tutorial using rice example V17

BMS Tutorial on Breeding Workflows using rice examples and BMS V17

Searching for Germplasm
Searching for germplasm by name
Search for germplasm records with names starting with a particular string of characters
Search for germplasm records with names containing a particular string of characters
To search for a germplasm by Germplasm Identifier (GID)
Other filters available in the Germplasm Search App
Identify and locate different types of information about a germplasm
Importing germplasm and managing lists
Importing a list of germplasm from a template file.
Viewing Lists
Adding Inventory for Imported Germplasm
Manipulating Germplasm Lists in the List Manager
Using Crop Lists to share germplasm between programs
Adding Entries from an existing list to another list
Adding Entries from the Germplasm Search to a list
Updating germplasm records
Making a Crossing Block
Create a Crossing Block in the Study Manager
Use the Crossing Design Tool for Specifying Crosses
Using the Crossing Template to make crosses
Table 1: BMS Breeding Methods for Self Fertilizing Crops
Adding Seed Inventory for a Harvest List
Create pending seed deposits for a harvest list
Make labels for the seed packets from a harvest list
Update pending transactions with weights and package and label seeds
Managing Pedigree Nurseries
Create an F1 Nursery
Advance the F1 Nursery by bulk selection of all families
Create F2 nursery and load some data from a fieldbook
Advance some F2 families by single plant selection
Save seed inventory for the F3 harvest list
Make an F3 Nursery with checks and Prepare seed for planting
Managing Evaluation Trials
Create a mulit-location trial
Prepare seed and planting labels
Set up sub sample units to collect sampling data from plots
Export the fieldbook, collect and load plot level data
Export a Studybook for the sub sample data and load the values
Calculate derived variables
Importing existing trial designs and data
Creating a germplasm list for an existing trial
Extracting a lay-out file for an existing trial
Create the Study for the trial
Import the lay-out file
Statistical Analysis
Install and License Breeding View
Specify single site analysis for a trial in BMS
Running Breeding View for Single Site Analysis
Saving the means from Single Site Analysis to BMS
Specify a multi-site analysis for a trial in BMS
Run a multi-site analysis with Breeding View