BMS v16 - Rice Tutorial

The attached document contains a tutorial on how to use BMS v16 to manage basic breeding activities for a self pollinating crop like rice or wheat. The tutorial is constructed in eight chapters as follows.

Searching for Germplasm
Importing germplasm and managing lists
Making a Crossing Block
Adding Seed Inventory for a Harvest List
Managing Pedigree Nurseries
Managing Evaluation Trials
Importing existing trial designs and data
Statistical Analysis


  1. BMS Data manager to set up a training database with the files and instructions in IRISv16_20201112.7z and then set up accounts for Trainees

  2. Trainees to download the tutorial instructions in file IRISv16 Tutorial_20201112.pdf and the sample files in file Sample and unzip the sample files to a work directory

  3. Instructors can demonstrate each step and trainees follow or trainees can follow directly from the instructions.