How to Import Historical Trial Data

These instructions apply to the BMS Server version 6.

Step-by-step guide

The DATA IMPORT TOOL allows users to upload historical datasets generated from other software into Breeding Management System (BMS). This can be Nursery or Trial field data.  

Please download the following documents for full instructions: ImportHistoricalTrialData.pdf; Example of an Excel input file and Example of a Fieldbook format input file with multiple locations


  1. Obtaining GIDs to insert into the Data File. 
    1. Import Germplasm List. 
    2. Export germplasm list to retrieve GIDs. 
  2. Obtaining Location_IDs to insert into the Data File. 
  3. Obtaining Person_IDs to insert into the Data File. 
  4. Format the Historical Data. 
    1. Data import from an excel file using the excel wizard. 
      1. Structure of an Excel File for data import. 
      2. Add the data for factors and variates. 
      3. Run the Data Import Application. 
      4. Map data columns to ontology variables. 
      5. Import the data values. 
    2. Data import from a Fieldbook formatted file. 
      1. Import the Germplasm List. 
      2. Obtain a Fieldbook Template. 
      3. Format the file for a single location. 
      4. Import the File using the Fieldbook Wizard. 
      5. Loading data for multiple locations in the same fieldbook file. 
  5. Using the VLOOKUP function to copy GIDs into an excel file.