How to generate labels using BMS and MailMerge in Word

Use the BMS Excel/CSV output file as the list of "recipients" in MailMerge.

Label templates

PurposeWord templatePrinterStationery typeStationery brand, modelNumber of labelsExample BMS output in excel/csv
Storage1_Label Template_STORAGE_W111_Tower.dotxPage printerA4 loose leaf adhesiveTower W11116 per sheet (2 columns x 8 rows)1_ImportList with inventory.xls
Packing of germplasm for plantingTemplate_AdhesiveLabels_CLPS1020SWH_v3.dotxPage printer

loose leaf adhesive


40 per sheet (4 columns x 10 rows)

Labels-for-2021 Trial CH_example for testing.xls
Field plots5_Template_TagLabels_VLX1081SWH_v3.dotxPage printerloose leaf weather-proof sheetValueline VLX1081SWH (1" x 8 1/2" Laser Slip-On Tags)

10 per sheet

Labels-for-2020 AYT TRIAL-for testing.xls
Field plotsTemplate_FieldPlotLabels_10cmX5cm_Roll for Zebra ZT230.dotxContinuous-feed Zebra ZT230Roll

TEST Labels-for-CH Trial 2021-PLOTDATA.xls
Sampling for genotyping4_Label Template_EXPORTSAMPLES_W111_Tower.dotxPage printerA4 loose leaf adhesiveTower W11116 per sheet (2 columns x 8 rows)Samples1_.csv


1, Load onto the printer the appropriate label stationery.

2. Open the appropriate label template in Word (depending on study type, stationery readily available)

3. Click on 'Mailings' tab, then Select Recipients :: Use existing list. Select the Excel file generated by the BMS label printing tool and downloaded earlier.


4. On Mailings tab, click Preview Results, then Finish & Merge :: Print Documents        

5. Specify the number of records for printing (1 record = 1 label = 1 plot), and click OK. For testing purposes, it is best to print only a few records to minimize waste of the label stationery.

6. On the Print popup, select the appropriate printer and click OK to proceed with printing.