Tutorial on managing hybrid crossing and making a Line x Tester trial

This tutorial assumes that the user has a good knowledge of the basic functions and operation of BMS and shows how these functions can be used to facilitate a hybrid breeding program. The user is expected to obtain their own input lists and follow the steps with their own germplasm.

Step-by-step guide

Full instructions here: Tutorial on managing hybrid crossing.pdf


  1. Fixing and coding some inbred lines. 
  2. Make some hybrid test crosses. 
  3. Make a Line x Tester Trial 
  4. Analyse the Line x Tester Trial 
  5. Make a second generation of test crosses using the Cross Design Tool 
  6. Advance the selected lines and the testers. 
  7. Make a new Crossing nursery. 
  8. Annex 1. Review of coding functionality as specified for CIMMYT GMP.