How to Import Nursery Designs to Facilitate Crossing Schemes

Instructions to assist with a specific crossing nursery design.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Using the nursery import design feature together with the crossing diary to implement a Matrix Crossing layout
  2. You can also use the crossing diary to implement diallele crossing schemes:
    1. For example for a nursery with 10 entries you can make the crosses specified on the file CrossingTemplate-Diallele1-FDNS.xls to make a complete diallele without selfs.
    2. Alternatively you can make the crosses specified on the file CrossingTemplate-Diallele1-HDNS.xls to make a top half diallele without selfs.
    3. To make a bottom half diallele without selfs, you simply interchange the Female and Male plots on the file CrossingTemplate-Diallele1-HDNS.xls
    4. Note a. b. and c. above assume that the field layout simply has one plot for each parent (and hence we only need the Crossing Template to define the crosses), however you may want to lay out the parents as paird rows or in some other arrangement and then you would have to import the layout and then use the Crossing Template to specify the crosses as was done in example 1.