Generate labels with QR Codes for inventory lots

Whenever crosses or advances are made in nurseries and often when trials are harvested, germplasm from the harvest must be weighed, bagged and labelled and kept in a store for some time. BMS has features to facilitate this inventory management.


Create lots for a germplasm list

In Manage Germplasm, open the list of crosses (or advances, or any ordinary list).

Select All germplasm for which you want to create lots for.


Click on “Actions” button then “Create inventory lots”.


On the create lots form:

  1. Enter a stock ID prefix which indicates the ‘owner’ of the seeds, or the ‘project’ to which they belong, or even the country where they will be stored (eg. FR for France, SN for Senegal, etc). Specify your initials (‘TV’ in this example) which indicates ‘ownership’.

2. Specify the storage location (which can be a detailed customized list of shelves or boxes or just a room).

3. Indicate the units for recording the inventory (eg. SEED_AMOUNT_g). No need to specify a dummy deposit. Leave “initial deposit” and “confirm transactions on saving” unchecked while awaiting the true value when the seeds are weighed.

4. Click Save.

5. Leave the Create lots form by clicking the X and the top right of the form.


Make labels for the seed packets from a (harvest) list

Click on the Manage Inventory item from the INVENTORY MANAGER menu.

In the Search by box on the View Lots tab, select ‘Germplasm List’ and click the + symbol.


Then click on the new filter item “Germplasm List :: All” and select the germplasm list for which we just created new empty lots (with deposit status pending and 0 grams of seed)


From Actions, select Export data and labels.


For the Output format, select Excel Data.

Include LOT UID, DESIGNATION and STOCK ID information fields in your labels.


Specify a name for label preset/settings. Click Save Preset, then Export.


Opt to save the file and click OK.


Open the Word template QR CODE LABELS for LOTS, downloadable here:


A note on this Word label template : This template can be modified (like any regular Word document) to suit the dimensions of your label stationery, change font sizes, include additional information (eg. CROSS), etc.  Please contact your dedicated BMS support person for further assistance.


Go to tab Mailings, then “Select Recipients” and “Use an Existing List…”



Choose the Excel Data file that was just downloaded and saved. Our list of lots will be our list of MailMerge “recipients”.


Click Preview Results.


Click “Finish & Merge” then “Print Documents”.


Once printed, attach the labels on the seed packets for your list of harvested germplasm.