Interfacing with GOBii

The ability to integrate phenotypic data from the BMS with genotypic data from GOBii using BrAPI calls for extracting data from the two data sources has been available since 2017. The basic model is depicted below:


At ICRISAT, the BrAPI calls were integrated into a pipeline with an in-house genomics analysis tool.

A project to more fully integrate with GOBii using BrAPI was initiated by the EiB in 2018(?) as part of the sample tracking project. Substantial work was done on developing the APIs in GOBii for supporting this concept: GOBii Data Management Sample Tracking. The BMS development team implemented the BrAPI calls needed to exchange project and sample information with GOBii and a prototype was developed and demonstrated at a BrAPI hackathon in 2019.

Since then, the GOBii team has integrated with the EBS project and is substantially changing direction. In 2020 the focus of the project was on integration with EBS using the services bus architecture being developed for the EBS. As of now, no externally accessible interface to the EBS bus has been announced. Recently (Sept, 2021) it was announced that the EBS development team was considering whether to re-animate the BrAPI interfaces for GOBii but a final decision has not yet been announced. At this time, the approach from the BMS side will be to continue to support the integration of BMS data with GOBii data using BrAPI calls.