Accessing Sample Tracker Services


The process for BMS users to gain access to the Sample Tracker services being developed as part of the EBS project is still not clear. Our understanding is that the Sample Tracker developed at CIMMYT is being redesigned in a way that will tightly integrate with the EBS and will not be offered as a free standing application independent of the EBS. A high-level architectural diagram from early 2021 includes an avenue for external users (e.g. Breedbase) to submit samples/plates but indicates that accessing the overall process will require logging into the EBS.

Another high level diagram from early 2021 indicates that there will BrAPI interfaces for submission to vendors and for vendors to provide results to the overall process. There is not, however, an explicit model for using BrAPI services to gain access to the Service Request Management nor Analyzed Data Management components of the overall architecture.



If the sample services will only be available in the context of an EBS installation, then either a service provider installation would need to be maintained separately to support BMS installations or a core program installation of the EBS would need to be willing to provide services to external users. Both of these options would entail significant complications. Maintaining a separate installation solely for the purpose of providing access to non-core breeding services (sample tracking, genotypic data management, analytics) would require a substantial investment to set-up and have significant overhead to maintain and support. The other option, for a core EBS program to provide access to external users, would entail complications for user authentication and user authorization as well as imposing an additional support burden on the host institution.

Recently (Sept. 2021) it was communicated that the EBS project will be implementing BrAPI services. Once the road map for implementing BrAPI services is developed, the possible models for accessing services from the BMS can be explored.