High-level design for exchanging trials via BrAPI



The approach is to build upon the BRAPP paradigm. BrAPPs are standalone independent tools or widgets which can run on its own or can be easily integrated with a larger system. The only condition is that each BrAPP is completely and exclusively BrAPI driven and can be used with any BrAPI-compliant system. The goal of this paradigm is to encourage functionality sharing within the BrAPI community (see https://brapi.org/brapps )

In that sense we’ve started development of a new brapp called brapi-sync


A standalone BRAPP to exchange and migrate data between two BrAPI enabled database/servers.

This tool can be used to synchronize entities via BrAPI standard. This includes:

  • Germplasm

  • Trial

  • Study

  • Observation Units

Source code



Source: The instances that we will retrieve the information from

Target: The instance where we will import the data to. In this case is also the instance that triggers the import action.