Antivirus program blocked BMS


You received a message from your antivirus program that it has blocked or prevented BMS from running.


Most antivirus and personal firewall programs are designed for ease of use, their websites' howto articles are also catered for general users - it is very rare to find a page with overly technical instructions.

  1. Identify the version of your antivirus program (for example: Kaspersky 2017 or McAfee Antivirus)
  2. Take note of the exact pop-up message from the program, logs are important when searching for solutions online.
  3. Use straightforward keywords when searching in Google, for example: "how to allow programs in Kaspersky 2017" or "how to add programs in McAfee Antivirus"
  4. From the list of results, always go to the product's own website. This ensures that you are getting the latest resources for their products.
  5. Uninstall BMS completely >> Reinstall BMS >> Complete installation without running BMS
  6. Follow the instructions for your antivirus, once completed - launch BMS.