Instructions for migration from v3.0.9 or earlier versions

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you will be moving to an institutional server installation of the BMS, please contact us via the online Help Desk under 'Client institutionsfor direct assistance.
  2. To upgrade to the latest version of the BMS, for use on a personal computer:
    1. Recommended specs: The latest version is optimized for higher specs and therefore requires more computing resources. Make sure that your computer meets the recommended specifications (at least 2.5 GHz processor, with 8 GB RAM, and 500 GB hard drive).
    2. Back-up: On your old BMS version, back up your local breeding programs and save the backup files in a safe place. Also, with the BMS not running, copy the directory BMS3\data to a safe place and zip it there for backup.
    3. Export: From the old BMS version, export germplasm lists to excel files containing any germplasm you will want to see in the new version. Also export any nursery or trial fieldbooks to excel which you will want to see in the new version.
    4. Stop the old version of BMS. It can be started independently of the new version if you need to go back and get anything else.
    5. Download & install: Go to the IBP website and download and run the latest installer. Ask for all the crop databases you require during installation, including any custom crops you want.
      1. Request a new Breeding View licence here (make sure to mention the BMS version number).
      2. For further instructions about installation of your new version, see Desktop Installation & Login.
    6. Start the new BMS, sign in as a single user and create whatever programs you require in the crop databases you have installed.
    7. Import: For each program which matches one from the old version:
      1. open the germplasm list files from the old version and delete all the GID values (leave the column but have it blank). Use the germplasm import function from the Information Management Menu to import the modified germplasm list files and save the germplasm lists in folders as required. For further instructions, see Import Germplasm.
      2. open the fieldbook flies you downloaded and update the GID values to the new ones in the lists you have just created. Use the import datasets function from the Information Management Menu to import the modified fieldbook files using the Excel Data Import Wizard, and mapping variables carefully to the updated ontology terms in the new BMS.
      3. Re-analyse any trials and upload the means for any trials you require the means values to be stored. For further instrutions, see Import Datasets.
  3. When you are satisfied that the new BMS is working well, and that you have all you need from the old version to continue with your program, you can completely uninstall the old version.
  4. For questions about any of the above steps, contact us via the online Help Desk under 'Users of earlier versions migrating to v10+'

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