Troubleshooting Tomcat When You Installed Both BMS v3 and v4


You installed both BMS v3 and v4 in one computer, and you uninstalled one version perhaps to clean the database or rollback to a working setup. Below are some common issues from this scenario:

  1. You cannot start or stop the service in Windows Services. For v4 we have BMS Tomcat and MySQLBMS4, for v3 we have MySQLIBWS.
  2. When trying to reinstall BMS, it proceeds but you cannot register or it says Contact Administrator


  1. Please take note of the BMS version you are trying to reinstall and make sure you are on the correct folder, run the uninstall.exe
  2. End Process of the following background apps under Task Manager (Open Task Manager >> Find these processes >> Right Click >> End Process)
  3. Uninstall both Java Programs under Add/Remove Programs
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. After restart, run and complete the BMS Install Wizard again, then open BMS and test.