BMS system-specific cvterms

List of cvterms used intrinsically within the BMS.


A. Cvterms used to facilitate the retrieval of column headers from ontology:

cvterm_idcv_idnamedefinitionnew column
17001000AVAIL INVAvailable inventoryYes
17011000BREEDING METHOD NAMEBreeding method nameYes
17021000BREEDING METHOD ABBREVIATIONBreeding method abbreviationYes
17031000BREEDING METHOD NUMBERBreeding method numberYes
17041000BREEDING METHOD GROUPBreeding method groupYes
17051000CROSS-FEMALE GIDCross-female gidYes
17061000CROSS-FEMALE PREFERRED NAMECross-female preferred nameYes
17071000CROSS-MALE GIDCross-male gidYes
17081000CROSS-MALE PREFERRED NAMECross-male preferred nameYes
17091000GERMPLASM DATEGermplasm DateYes
17111000PREFERRED IDPreferred IDYes
17121000PREFERRED NAMEPreferred NameYes
17131000SEED RESSeed reservationYes
17141000COMMENTComment on inventoryYes
17151000LOT_IDLOT IdentificationYes
17161000NEW RESNewly reserved inventoryYes
17171000RESReserved inventoryYes
17181000TOTALTotal inventoryYes
17191000UNITSInventory unitsYes
17201000LOCATIONLot locationYes
17211000SCALEInventory ScaleYes
17221000AMOUNTInventory AmountYes
17231000FEMALE PARENTName of Female ParentYes
17241000MALE PARENTName of Male ParentYes
17251000FGIDGID of Female ParentYes
17261000MGIDGID of Male ParentYes
17271000STOCKIDID of an inventory depositYes
17281000DUPLICATEDuplicate notesYes
17291000BULK WITHStock IDs of stock list for bulkingYes
17301000BULK COMPL?Is bulking completed?Yes
82001040PLOT_NOField plot - enumerated (number)No
82501040DESIGNATIONGermplasm identifier - assigned (DBCV)No
83001040ENTRY_CODEGermplasm ID - Assigned (Code)No
82301040ENTRY_NOGermplasm entry - enumerated (number)No
82401040GIDGermplasm identifier - assigned (DBID)No
83771040CROSSThe pedigree string of the germplasmNo
83601040SEED_SOURCESeed source - Selected (Code)No
82551040ENTRY_TYPEEntry type (test/check)- assigned (type)No
84001040 FIELDMAP COLUMN Column coordinate of plot in fieldplanNo
84101040FIELDMAP RANGERow coordinate of plot in fieldplanNo
17311000GROUP IDGroup ID of a germplasmYes

B.  Cvterms added via Liquibase

cvterm_idcv_idnamedefinitiondB changelog
81651040EXPT_DESIGN_SOURCESource of the experimental design. For example the name of csv file used for custom or preset designs.4_0_0_BETA_08.xml
19001000has analysis variableRelationship between a standard variable and a derived analysis variable4_0_0_BETA_09.xml