How to enable Liquibase for automatic BMS database updates

BMS 4 beta 12 includes database changes via Liquibase.  See /wiki/spaces/DEV/pages/25854037.

To activate Liquibase integration, pls. insert the extra Java argument below.

Pls. refer to the links for more info on Liquibase dB changes included in beta 12.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you have previous installation of BMS4, obtain the latest WAR files.  Ex. beta 12
  2. Shutdown BMS Tomcat by clicking Stop the service.

  3. Go to C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin
  4. Click BMSTomcatw.exe
  5. Go to Java tab and include the extra argument:


  6. Replace the WAR files on this folder: C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\webapps   with the latest version Ex. beta 12 WAR files
  7. Re-start BMS Tomcat

  8. Remove the argument on a production server as best practice to ensure that succeeding changes are applied deliberately.

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