Troubleshooting Tomcat in BMSv8 Desktop version


BMS Tomcat could not start in Windows Services. Clicking Start the service returns an error.

Solution 1


If you experience this error while starting the service, you have to remove the env variable JAVA_HOME and reinstall the service:

  1. Run cmd prompt as administrator
  2. Run sc delete BMSTomcat this will delete the existing BMSTomcat service.
  3. Change directory to C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin
  4. Run bms-tomcat-service.bat C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat C:\BMS4\jre BMSMySQL C:\BMS4 - this will reinstall the service.

Solution 2

Possible solution is to review the parameters of the BMSTomcatw.exe from C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin.  Some parameters can be missing and when completed (pls. refer to screenshots below), BMS Tomcat in Windows services can be started again without error.

Double-click BMSTomcatw.exe from C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin folder.  Review each tab of BMS Tomcat Properties and complete the parameters when missing.

Screenshots of BMS Tomcat complete parameters:

General tab

Log On tab

Logging tab

Java tab

Java Classpath:  C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin\bootstrap.jar;C:\BMS4\infrastructure\tomcat\bin\tomcat-juli.jar

Java Options:


Initial memory pool:  {Can use the default value. Optional to make it equal to Maximum memory pool}

Startup tab

Shutdown tab