How to select a phone or tablet for KSU Fieldbook App

KSU Field book is Android based app for digital data collection in the field/greenhouse/lab
Developed by Poland Lab at Kansas State University


Specs to consider for selecting a handheld device for Fieldbook App

  • Android OS phone or tablet, 8’’ or bigger screen

  • Get a device with a recent Android version (9 or 10)

  • RAM: 4GB or higher

  • Internal memory: 64GB or higher; External memory: micro-SD

  • SIM chip LTE/G3 if network data is available in the area

  • When possible, find a local/close seller (replacement parts, support, and service)

  • Lab/greenhouse or field use? Regular or ruggedized (IP65, IP67, IP68)

  • How long is a regular data capture session? Battery capacity 5,000mAh or higher, always consider an external USB back-up battery.

  • Select when possible a removable (easy to remove/change in the field) battery over a replaceable (for replace a damaged unit).

  • Most devices come with integrated GPS, camera, WiFi and BT

  • When possible, choose devices with microUSB: USB 2.0 or USB 3.1 (best)

  • Camera may be used as barcode reader to identified plots and suboservationals unit, and also used to capture plot, plant or plant part image to be stored in BMS

  • Examples models: Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1" and Galaxy Tab XCover Pro 6.3”, revise attached file for more models and comparison table: