v19 Release Notes

 What's new in BMS v19?

  • Import germplasm tool has moved to Manage Germplasm > Actions > Import germplasm : There is also a new germplasm import template. Tutorial available here.

  • Attributes and passport variables are now part of the Ontology: You can now use the ontology to control scales and properties of the germplasm attributes and passport data

  • Audit trace: When looking at your germplasm details, names, descriptors or pedigree you can now see an audit trace button that will enable you t to see a comprehensive report of the change of the corresponding record.

  • Code and group: Depending on your permissions, you can now use the germplasm search to code and group your germplasm.

  • Pedigree Viewer: You can now click on a given node of the pedigree tree and the germplasm details of such node will open in a separate window

  • Manage Nametypes: Depending on your permissions, you'll find the Manage Metadata under Crop Administration where you can add, delete and modify germplasm name-types.