EC2 instance - an experiment

Shopping for a Windows server in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) is straightforward. They have a calculator for estimating monthly bills for the cost of the server(s) or instances.

A sample screen of the prices for their Windows server from the calculator:

Below is the suggested instances for having a low, moderate and high requirements. Other costs are optional.


An introduction video on Amazon EC2:


For this experiment, a Windows server has to be instantiated. Microsoft Windows Server 2021 R2 Base is selected. This is the instance similar to CIMMYT's virtual servers.


The other steps are accepted by default and are skipped.  Next is to choose the amount of storage. This will be factored in the pricing.


The network traffic is specified here. I just chose 2 for now for connecting via Remote Desktop or RDP and the HTTP protocol. All known network traffic can be selected in this step.


This step has added security by specifying the known IP addresses of users/groups that will connect to the Amazon server.


The review an launch pages.



AWS Agreement