How to update Samsung tablet to Android OS 4.0.4

Back in 2011, Samsung 10-inch tablets (Model: GT-P7510) were given to some GCP/IBP partners in Africa and Asia to support electronic capture of phenotypic data. This is a guide to update their tablets to Android OS 4.0.4 so Android applications such as KSU Fieldbook and KDSmart can run on the device.

Step-by-step guide

There are 3 ways to update to the latest Samsung firmware running on Android OS 4.0.4 for this tablet model.

Section A. works if you're in a country where the 4.0.4 update is available.  Section B is for manual update.

A. Automatic update

Refer here for the list of countries where Android OS 4.0.4 is available:

  1. OTA or over-the-air
    If you're country is listed in the above link, it's easier to update by going to Settings → Software update of your tablet. This is known as OTA or over-the-air option.  If the tablet hasn't been upgraded since Android OS 3.0, the upgrade may take several iterations, about 3-4x upgrades.  Please go over the Settings → tap Software update until the Android OS reads 4.0.4 version.
  2. Samsung Kies
    Another way to update is by downloading a Samsung utility tool called Kies.
    a.  Download Samsung KiesSetup.exe and install on Windows laptop.  This will also automatically install the USB driver needed to connect your tablet to your PC.
    b.  Launch Kies tool.
    c.  Connect tablet to your PC via USB cable.

    Troubleshoot connection

    If there's an error to connect, disconnect the tablet and click Troubleshoot connection error → Start

    Successful connection will display the tablet model on the left-side menu:

    d.  Click Firmware upgrade. This should update your tablet to the latest Samsung firmware having Android OS 4.0.4.

    e.  Exit Kies when upgrade is done.

B. Manual update

If the update to Android OS 4.0.4 isn't available in your country, you can update it manually. There are many tutorial links on the web on how to do this.  Sample links I've referred to are listed below. Pls. choose an article to follow for the upgrade. I've also uploaded the 2 necessary files to do this upgrade (downloading the files on the tutorials takes forever):

Sample Screenshots for Odin

If using Odin v1.85, pls. tick PDA:


If using Odin3, pls. tick AP. 

It's not in the image below but pls. make sure the ID:COM bar above has color (similar to the one above) by connecting the the tablet to your PC via USB cable.

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