Push a Subset of a Study from One Database to Another Database

The script was created as an alternative to re-loading a subset of a study to another database. The source database contains the full study while a subset of a study is defined only a set of specified variables coming from the source study. All other descriptors (germplasm, location, experimental design) is copied into the target database.


  1. Download the script pushStudySubsetByName.sql

  2. Run the script in the Source Database. The script needs four parameters:

<Name of the Study>

<Name of the Program where the Study is stored>

<Name of the Program where the Subset of the Study will be stored>

<List of Variables that will be pushed into the target Database>

Take Note: All parameters must be enclosed in double quotes and separated by a comma. The list of variables should be enclosed in single quotes and separated by a comma.


CALL pushStudySubset(“CAIGE_Durum_2017_YDis_SAGI”, "Durum Germplasm Evaluation COLLABORATORS","Durum Germplasm Evaluation PUBLIC", "'GY_CVE','GY_Score1'");


GMS database for both the SOURCE and TARGET database has the same germplasm content. Both databases also has the same ontologies.